The Fun & Effective

Combination of Dance,

Vinyasa & T@ntra Yoga 

That Feeds

Your Body

& Soul



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Chakra Sweat™ Beginnings

This class began in 2010, brought a beautiful community together, spread to music festivals and workshops around the west-coast of USA, then all the way to Indonesia. That was 10 years ago. At the moment this class is not taught live. Please enjoy these workout videos I made for you!

Chakra Sweat™
8 Workout Videos!


A booty-shaping, soul-shaking combination of Dance, Vinyasa and T@ntra Yoga, created solely to ignite your spiritual power in a fun way.

With these 30-minute workout videos, expect to sweat like never before!

Each workout video, each one is created to target a physical benefit, as well as, an energetic benefit that you can directly apply into your business life. Thus, these videos will strengthen you physically and energetically.


1. Power & Stamina (Chakra 1)
2. Booty Alchemy & Sure Strategy (Chakra 2)
3. Hard Core Executive (Chakra 3)
4. Heart Aligned Ventures (Chakra 4)
5. Negotiation Power (Chakra 5)
6. Lean Leadership (Chakra 6)
7. Metabolism & Manifestation (Chakra 7)
8. Clubbin Prayer Mix (All Chakras!)


Like what you see?



“I feel sexy, confident and centered.” Rachel 

“I haven’t found anything that matches what you did. The bar has been set high. But this town is filthy with yoga classes. But the inspiration you gave still burns.” ~Esteban 

“Awesome class tonight. The energy of the group plus your amazing non-stop energy made it especially beautiful. Meditation at the end was perfect” ~Robert

“Truly enjoyed the class and definitely coming back. what a super fun way to get a workout, move to some grooves, tap in to our energetic centers, and examine some tantric theories. really enriched the mind, body and spirit on all accounts.” ~Mel 

“Awesome class! I’ve been doing yoga for a few years now and I still Learned some new things about my body tonight!” ~Joe 

“She’s is a chakra mechanic, tuned mine in last class, have yours checked out. the price is right and her work is clean.” ~Robbie

“Thank you for your teachings and free executive yoga video gift as I was doing your exercises in the middle of my creation, and my 3rd chakra went ballistic.” ~ Adisa

“I love Love LOVE these videos!! I feel like she knows exactly what I am thinking at every moment! ~ Melissa

“I had a super grumpy morning yesterday and my regular yoga practice was not cutting it, so I put on your Chakra Sweat video and it turned my day around! Very very cool. Thank you!” ~ Anandini