I am very happy you are here. In 2006 I began teaching yoga. Yes, that is a long time! It has been a blessing to embody half a lifetime of practice, and the ability to express my learnings and teachings in various creative ways. 

Over the years I have noticed one prominent theme emerge – the integration of yoga and chakras into your business life.

Whether that is with Chakra Sweat™, with Feminine Power Chakra Flow™, or with my Business + Chakras™ Coaching for Executives and Athletes…

I am most inspired by what happens when you touch a deep place inside your energy system, and how that then transpires into the real world.

Guiding you through this process has become my niche expertise!

With every passing year, I have become dangerously masterful at it, giving all my 1-on-1 clients even more of a competitive edge in their field.

A bit about me, I love to dance and I travel the world learning different styles of world dance.

I am obsessed with how a body can land in a perfect geometric shape, with movement and with mudras.

It is an indescribable feeling I try to bring through in every teaching.

I grew up in California, and since then lived in 8 countries, spending a decade throughout India, Thailand, and Bali studying with some incredible humans and Masters.

Thanks to my Feminine Power Chakra Flow™ Online Class for Women, which began in 2011 as the first-ever live-streaming yoga class, it enabled me to travel to some remote and exotic places of the world, while studying with healers and yogis and simultaneously teaching live online to women across the globe.

I work hard to make my life fun and unique!

Looking forward to having you in my 1-on-1 Coaching Program, or being there in spirit with my 8 Chakra Sweat Yoga™ Workout Videos!

With soul,